Tian Tian Xuan Dou (天天炫斗, "Fighting Days") is a beat 'em up spinoff game for Xuan Dou Zhi Wang, available for Android, iOS and PC.


Tian Tian Xuan Dou doesn't follow the same plot of Xuan Dou Zhi Wang and it contains different versions of some characters of the original game, with different designs, fighting style and even personalities, as well as some original characters not found in the original game. It can be considered an alternate universe completely separate from Xuan Dou Zhi Wang.

  • Ell Blue. In this game, Ell Blue is a swordman that fights with lightning imbued attacks.
  • Brazel. This version of Brazel is a hero character instead of an antagonist. His weapon is a pair of clawed gloves and his attacks use purple energy.
  • Kaoru Kuraki. Kaoru is still an idol in this game, but her fighting style consists in using a pair of pistols that shoot energy balls. She also has a pet cat.
  • Seal. In this version Seal is not a musician but a green-clad ninja. Some of his new abilities include attacking with knives coated with poison, teleportation and self-replication.
  • Catherine. Entirely new character to the game, she's a magician that attacks using cards and magic tricks.
  • Constantine. An exorcist that fights using a magic scythe and commands spirits.
  • Looli. A witch that's bonded to her dead sister Luo Ling. She employs a variety of supernatural attacks of her katana as a mean of attack.
  • Kyo Kusanagi. Guest character from The King of Fighters series, his fighting style involves fire-imbued fist attacks.
  • Mai Shiranui. Guest character from the Fatal Fury series, she fights with agile ninja techniques as well as ki-produced fire.

Character artworkEdit