A great part of the participants of the XD Tournament are humans. Most of them cultivate some kind of martial art, or use weapons in their fights. A few of them are magicians with access to supernatural abilities.

Martial artsEdit

Martial arts are fighting disciplines that allow the practicioner to improve its hand to hand fighting abilities; some of them teach ways to control Ki energy.

Human martial artistsEdit

  • AndreiMartial Art: Professional boxing.
  • CielMartial Art: Original.
  • KingMartial Art: Shotokan.
  • Lee Won HeeMartial Art: Taekwondo.
  • Lei HuangMartial Art: Ancient karate.
  • Lei YueMartial Art: Military boxing and wrestling.
  • LinnMartial Art: Karate.
  • LongMartial Art: Jeet Kun Do.
  • PrayuthMartial Art: Muay Thai.
  • RuriyMartial Art: Traditional Chinese martial arts.
  • ShanwooMartial Art: Original martial arts.
  • Sheva (probably) – Martial Art: Original style.
  • WuxieMartial Art: Kung Fu.

Human weapon usersEdit

  • BlastWeapon: Modified guitar.
  • SealWeapon: Modified guitar.
  • CloudWeapons: Knives, firearms and other military weapons.
  • JackWeapon: Vacuum Blade (technologically-enhanced sword).
  • KuyaWeapon: Chinese sword.
  • Xeno - Weapons: RD-57-type Arm-Assisted Glove.

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