The First Baptism was the event on where a team of scientists were infected by the radiation emitted by the CORE crystals. It marked the first interaction between EVA and humans. All humans involved died in the process, but it was later found that other humans could survive the infection and learn to control the EVA powers, becoming Human-Eva Hybrids.

Second BaptismEdit

Warning: Fan Theories start here

As SHINE called the Event "The First Baptism", a Second Baptism could be coming. It could refer to a massive unleash of EVA in the world, probably infecting the whole world and creating a new kind of EVA that none even the EVA Hybrids could survive.

Crazy Brazel is an EVA Hybrid that could survive the Second Baptism and recieved a massive power increase on his powers.

Xuan Dou Zhi Wang Storyline
Events: First Impact - First Baptism - Awakening - XD Tournament - Second Impact - Second Baptism

Actors: The Messiah - Scientists - SHINE Leader - Crazy Brazel

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